Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood… ever since I first heard these words from Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken” many years ago, I have carried them around with me. Sometimes these words echo in my mind very consciously, but more often in my subconscious. I’m sure this poem speaks to many about being faced with decisions that may appear to be significant or insignificant, and the consequences of those decisions. We often reflect and can be consumed with analyzing how one decision over another has shaped our lives and our future. For some, this may manifest as regret.

Our career direction progresses, either with our proactive involvement, or as a result of accepting what comes our way and feeling carried along by our career “choices”. For some, the path is clear and well planned with goals and milestones and even in the face of obstacles; the path may seem pre-determined, and relatively easy to follow. For others, the path is less defined, or perhaps non-existent. Some may choose this more organic career direction, while others may fall into it because of certain circumstances.

In today’s society, you are fortunate to be able to change your career direction, if you have the motivation to do so. Today there is a lot more awareness, as well as help and resources available for you to complete a career change, if that is necessary. Or, the change may be in how you can realize hidden career potential in your current skills set. Working with a career counsellor may be one of those resources for you.

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