positive psychology coach

Positive Acorn is the global leader in positive psychology coaching, offering ICF-accredited training in the applications of positive psychology to coaching. Their courses are taught by thought leaders in the field, ensuring top-tier education and insights.

I am pleased to announce that I have recently earned my Positive Psychology Coach Badge from Positive Acorn. This achievement is a testament to Positive Acorn’s commitment to disseminating the latest scientific research and teaching its practical applications through unique and interactive courses. Their advanced instructional design ensures that knowledge is retained and applied effectively.

As a certified Positive Psychology Coach, I have completed rigorous training that includes a minimum of 45 hours of instruction in coaching skills, professional ethics, scientific literacy, and positive psychology frameworks, assessments, and techniques. This comprehensive training, coupled with direct feedback on my performance, underscores my commitment to thoughtful, professional, and effective coaching practice.

 Feel free to view my badge HERE