At Life Career Studio, we offer the following services:

  1. Career Counselling/Coaching

Career Skills Tune-up for your current career
Career Development/Exploration
Career/Life Change and Transition
Career Re-entry (e.g. after parental leave or other extended leave of absence)
Career Guidance for Students
Networking Skills
Job Search Skills Coaching
Interview Preparation and Skills Coaching
Salary Negotiation Skills
Corporate Workshops/Presentations/ Lunch & Learns
Corporate Outplacement Packages

  1. Personal Counselling/Coaching

(Including Depression, Anxiety, Self-esteem Issues, Grief, Perfectionism and Procrastination)
Stress Management Techniques
Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques
Decision-Making Skills
Communication & Interpersonal Skills
Group Workshops

  1. Qigong Treatments and Sessions

Individual energy healing
Rebalancing of qi (chi)
Removal of emotion, physical and mental blockages
Achieve an optimal state of health and well-being

  1. Integrative Counselling / Coaching Sessions

A combined approach incorporating different counselling/coaching/healing techniques
Career Counselling/Guidance
Personal Development including:
Spiritual Development
Emotional Development
Mental Development
Qigong Treatment
Somatic/ Body-focused Approaches
Additional techniques determined based on individual needs

Individual Career/Personal Counselling/Coaching Sessions*:
90 minutes – $152.39 + GST = $160.00 (Introductory session for new clients)
60 minutes – $150.00 + GST = $157.50
80 minutes – $200.00 + GST = $210.00
90 minutes – $225.00 + GST = $236.25
Pre-paid Package Rates:
Career Exploration Fundamentals Package (10 sessions @ 80 minutes) – $1800.00 + GST = $1890.00.
Premium Career Exploration Package (20 sessions @ 80 minutes) – $3600.00 + GST = $3780.00.

Please contact us directly for Group and Corporate Pricing
• No commitment is required.

Serving customers from the areas of:

Contact us today for a complimentary 5 to 15-minute phone consultation. There is no obligation to book an appointment, and we can determine if our services can be of benefit to you. If you do not see your career challenge listed, please let us know and we will do our best to assist or refer you.