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Starting with a Clean Slate in Your Life and Career

We can choose to be whatever we want to be, starting from today, if we allow the past to stay in the past. Yes, our experiences shape who we are, but we can wipe the slate clean of expectations that are built on assumptions we have formulated over the years. We have a choice to be shackled by the past or to learn from it. In business, when a project is at a certain point and the budget is blown out, you can elect to keep moving forward on the project, but all the money you have spent is considered a sunk cost. It cannot be recovered, so you move forward to complete the project or you walk away. If we consider our past as the sunk cost, then like the money in a project, it is gone and you cannot recover it. You can decide to dwell on it and be regretful or be dragged down by remorse, but that will not bring the time back. The only certainty is the time you have now in the present and ahead of you. If you look at time from this moment as a clean slate, consider the possibilities.

I experience the possibilities as freedom, a new start and infinite potential. It is like hitting a reset button. I can decide who and what I want to be from this moment and go forward from there. With this mindset of moving forward, I can focus on my present and create a future that I want. If I can keep this intention as I live each day, I feel an energy released as I am empowered. My expectations, assumptions, beliefs and perceptions are not reality. I confuse and lose myself in thinking that my way of looking at the world is what is real. Don’t believe everything you think! You can think yourself into a positive or negative mindset. And from that place of thinking, you can make decisions that will change and impact the rest of your life. Control, guilt and the array of negative attributes we carry can be the filters from which we may view the world and in turn can determine how we react or respond in the world.

I am committed to holding myself accountable and recognize that I have choice in what I say or do each moment shaping how I live. I will hold this intention to release from my assumptions, expectations and to own and take responsibility for my actions/ inactions. I appreciate and accept that I cannot be perfect in what I do. I endeavour to embrace the uncertainty in situations and seek to find the learning edge in challenges I encounter. I desire to live with integrity and as closely to my other values, as I can. This is not an easy intention, but I trust I will discover my flow and release my energy into the world in a way that is congruent to me. Today, I have a sense of agency in deciding to live fully and be engaged, rather than merely exist in the world. Will you choose to start this moment with a clean slate for your life and career?