Career Counsellor Serving North Vancouver

Rachel Newton has been helping all types of clients improve their careers and life through Life Career Studio since 2011.

Are you looking to find your calling or a major career change?

Life Career Studio offers the following types of services:

  • career counselling
  • career coaching
  • coaching for interview skills, LinkedIn profile creation and updating
  • executive career planning
  • interview coaching
  • career development research and coaching
  • interpersonal and communication skills coaching
  • personal counselling

Do you need help connecting the pieces with career guidance and coaching? Life Career Studio can help you achieve where you want to be, and to live the life you were born to live.

Life Career Studio is a career counselling service of Rachel Newton serving the North Vancouver BC area. Rachel is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (#1051) with the ACCT and a member of the BCCDA and has helped numerous clients specializing in career development and life transitions counselling.

Life Career Studio can help you in all phases of your career planning using a series of tools, techniques and assessments to help address your individual career issue. Trust and rapport is paramount with us as career counselling can also support clients with personal themes. If you live in or near the North Vancouver area, be sure to give us a call. Initial consultation is free.

Simply call 604-762-6756 to jump start the next phase of your career. 

Client testimonial from K.L. 

“Working with Rachel has given me the confidence to make decisions about my life and career. I was not sure what to expect when we met, but she made it easy to express myself. She helped with many aspects of my personal development and relationships with others at work and at home. Her professionalism, personable attitude and candour is much appreciated. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking to improve their lives personally and professionally.”