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August 26 2023

In this newsletter, we’re celebrating National Dog Day, sharing Rachel’s enchanting experience with crystal singing bowls, and emphasizing the vital connection between mental health and overall success. Stay tuned for heartwarming tales, holistic insights, and strategies for well-being and achievement.

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July 31 2023

Celebrate summer and Rachel’s Life Career Studio’s anniversary!  Explore Rachel’s insights from the  IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology here in Vancouver, Canada. In our latest ENTRADA Masterclass, we delved into the fascinating topic of managing and leveraging AI to optimize your career or business.

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June 30 2023

We explored the elements of Discipline, Energy, and Fear in our latest ENTRADA Masterclass, celebration of Father’s Day in Canada & the USA, Indigenous Peoples Day and the Summer Solstice! Plus, save the date for the IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology and join Rachel in Vancouver from July 20 to 23, 2023.

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May 31 2023

Discover the power of Grief in shaping your life and career, celebration of Mother’s Day, embracing World Meditation Day, and take a well-deserved mini-vacation with Rachel this month of May!

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April 25 2023

Celebrate Earth Day, Discover Your Career Superpower, Honor ANZAC Day, Join ZuZu’s 13th Anniversary celebration, and seize the exciting volunteer opportunity at TEDx Whistler.

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April 05 2023

Warm wishes for the Spring holiday season, Explore the buzzing hot topic of AI in the career world, and Welcome Michelle Stuart as our new Associate Coach at Life Career Studio.

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March 23 2023

Engage your brain with a career-focused brain teaser, Career Kickstart – Spring into Action!, and take advantage of Free Group Counselling Sessions for UBC Research Study.

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March 15 2023

Discover Rachel’s inspiring life mission, delve into thought-provoking Career Insights that will challenge you, and mark your calendar for the exciting Launch Day of our ENTRADA membership.

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January 2 2023

Reflecting on 2022, we celebrate a year of growth and success in our Brief Retrospective, while eagerly introducing a new Associate Coach for 2023, sharing our favorite mentors, and unveiling the exciting ENTRADA Oasis to our community.

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January 2022

Discover your ENTRADA Oasis for January 2022, including updates from Life Career Studio, Webinars, Day 21 Wellbeing Workshops, Stress Reduction Strategies, and a free Brain Boost Challenge by Dr. Laura Tiberio ND MSOM LAc.

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June 2021

Welcome to my first Newsletter! Learn effective strategies to practice Self-Care and combat Zoom fatigue, and join in on the journey of personal growth through my YouTube Channel!