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Stronger & Better Together in Your Life & Career

Happy Launch Day to You! And Happy Spring! Spring is my favourite season. I am a Spring Baby because in Australia, November is in Spring. The energy of this season full of growth and potential permeates into my being. The change in seasons is much more noticeable in the Northern Hemisphere than in my birth country. For those who are wondering why I started with “Happy Launch Day!” – I FINALLY launched my ENTRADA Membership on Wednesday, March 8. I cannot imagine how hard the team at NASA must need to work for a rocket launch or maybe I should be referring to SpaceX these days? Anyway, A LOT of work and prep was done here with the team at Life Career Studio to be ready, and even though we pushed a month from the original Feb 8 date, there was still a lot to be done until we went live. I am the one standing in front of camera, but it happens with an immense amount of support from my team. My About Page on my website is being updated to About Us to reflect that. In the meantime, a huge thank you especially for this ENTRADA Membership initiative to Yash, my Operations Assistant, Rosa, my Marketing Consultant (doing all those fancy landing pages and a million other marketing-centric projects), and Paul, my Director of Operations, Tech Support and Heart Relations (since he is my husband). I could fill the full page with the rest of the team of people who support me too. Truckloads of gratitude to all!

If you missed the launch, no need for FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) as it is on my YouTube channel (please Like and Subscribe and Share if it is of value to you). My amazing Speaker Coach, Patricia Morgan (yet another thank you to her) offered me the great idea from her playbook to create a Session Guide in addition to using my PowerPoint slides to share information with my audience (that’s you 😊). I received great feedback having the Membership Session Guide as a resource. I am always looking to improve your experience, so you are welcome to make requests and suggestions, so I can improve. Going forward, the Membership Session Guide will be for paid members only, but I wanted to share that with everyone as a Happy Launch Day gift for the momentous and inaugural occasion.

You may notice that I don’t let perfection impede my progress and in my heightened state of excitement, I proclaimed a “Happy Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Day” instead of “Happy International Women’s Day” – d’oh!

Highlights of the Launch Day Event (detailed in the Membership Session Guide):

According to Gallup*, 80% of people are disengaged in their work. I work with clients who no longer want to accept the status quo and challenge themselves to be part of the 20% who are engaged in their careers. My Personal Life Mission is to shift this to 80% engaged!

ENTRADA Membership Pillars:

Vision Statement

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)


ENTRADA Manifesto

Success Metric

Motivational Words from Lisa Nichols

Personal Inquiry Questions

ENTRADA Membership Tool – STOP

ENTRADA Intentions

Speaking of engaged – another huge THANK YOU to our ENTRADA Mastermind Members when we met the following week after Launch Day and discussed this juicy Member question:

“How does someone with a full-time job and a lot of demands in their personal life, whose priority right now is more fun and freedom, commit even more of their limited time to creating a business or mastering a skill/expertise on the side that eventually can become their main source of income?”

Maybe you have the answer to this question already? If you, do we would love to hear your solution!

If you would like to know how we answered this question and other gems of wisdom from our ENTRADA Mastermind, and/or to find answers to your own career questions, we would love to have you join as a fellow Intrepid ENTRADA Explorer. I am not supposed to do this, but I extended the Early Bird Special Bonuses until the end of March too! If you are curious, take a peek!