life and career change reflection

Reflection can be an act of contemplation or a mirror of your image (perceived or actual).
Both of these definitions are relevant to personal career development. At any given time in your career, you may contemplate and consider any number of aspects or at least one main element of your career. Career reflection is going to be different for everyone. Your perception of your career is as unique as you are.

For those embarking on the journey to enter the World of Work, to those already in the workforce, in career transition, or leaving careers to retire, the questions may be many.

A sample of career questions may include:

  • What should I do?
  • Why should I do ‘x, y or z’?
  • How do I decide?
  • Am I choosing the right career?
  • Where and/or how do I begin?
  • Is the work I am doing meaningful?
  • Does my work offer me a sense of purpose?
  • Am I making a difference?
  • Am I being fulfilled/satisfied in my career?
  • Am I being recognized with adequate promotions/compensation?
  • I can’t afford to change jobs for financial reasons. What can I do?
  • Should I love the work I do?
  • What are my career options?
  • I hate my boss/manager; what can I do about it?
  • I want to change my job/career, but I am afraid of change. Is this normal?
  • I want to change my job/career, but I don’t know how to do it. Can I get help?
  • I changed careers, but it is not working out as I expected. What can I do about it?

There are many other questions that you may ask yourself in regards to your career growth and development. Many people question themselves numerous times throughout their career life cycle. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, lost, uncertain and/or unsupported in your career choice. You may feel that you are caught in a pattern of destructive or stagnant behaviour in your work life. If so, you can break these negative patterns. You do not have to feel compromised and trapped. You can be proactive and take control of your career future.

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