Career Counselling Services Serving Surrey

Looking for a career counsellor in the Surrey area? Life Career Studio can help. Life Career Studio is the career counselling service of Rachel Newton. Rachel is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (#1051) with the ACCT and a member of the BCCDA and has helped numerous clients specializing in career development and life transitions counselling.

Using the latest tools, techniques and assessments we address your particularly unique career problem. Whether you are looking to step back into the work force after a long hiatus or if you are at a crossroads in your career we can help.

Here are some of the services we can offer:

  • Find your career direction if you have a varied background or eclectic range of skills
  • Get more job satisfaction and work fulfillment
  • Communicate better with peers or managers
  • Manage stress, be more efficient, increase performance in your career
  • Find your strengths and weaknesses with specialized assessments
  • For results based job search techniques including interview skills, LinkedIn plus tapping into the hidden job market
  • If you are a student, help you choose subjects that motivate you and steer you to a career
  • Personal themes such as depression and anxiety

If you are in Surrey BC, call 604-762-6756 now to schedule a free phone consultation.

Client testimonial from L. R. 

“Through her highly skilled counselling, Rachel has enabled me to realize my professional potential and allow my career goals to be realized. Her expert guidance and sound ability to communicate the correct message were key aspects of my sessions with her. She helped to piece together my puzzle with her genuine ability to listen and offer specialized advice when it was necessary.”