Are you happy where you are right now in your career? If the answer is, “No.” Life Career Studio can help you stop career misery, and to move towards a life where you can Work Your Dream.

Do you:
a) Feel unhappy or uncertain with what you are doing?
b) Have concerns about your career or life transition?
c) Need to make decisions impacting your career and life?
d) Need help with time and/or stress management, assertiveness and/or communication skills?
e) Experience all of the above?

Rachel’s approach today as an Integrative Career Coach working with clients is informed from her vast work experience. With over a decade of successfully supporting clients with career and life transitions plus two decades spent in several different industries and cities, she combines a genuine curiosity in people and what motivates their choices and decisions in aspects of their life and career. She recognizes that career and life themes are enmeshed and have a significant impact on each other. Her passion is supporting others in change and transition and addressing both emotional and practical needs during such challenging times.

She works with clients in an integrative career-focused coaching capacity, and her philosophy is to support clients at all three levels of mind, body and spirit/source to help them achieve their life and career aspirations. Drawing on numerous modalities, with a primary focus on somatically based therapies such as Coherence Therapy, Body-Centred Coaching and Chinese Medical Qigong. She believes in supporting clients holistically.

Her work with clients is customized according to individual needs as she seeks to create trust with her clients to feel comfortable expressing themselves in a way that is uniquely at their own pace, balanced with a sense of structure and goals in the career coaching setting. She displays versatility in her work adapting from personal themes such as grief, loss, anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues to career themes helping clients determine vocational direction and to overcome that stuck, lost and overwhelming feeling, all the way to the strategic career management with pragmatic job search solutions including personal branding, resume and interview coaching. She also enjoys group work and presentations in private and corporate settings.

If any of these questions pertain to you, book here for a complimentary Brief Consult to discuss how we can collaborate to help you work your dream. Whether you are new to the workforce, an experienced professional, or looking to transition to a new career or life adventure, we would like to help you Work Your Dream. [Read More…]