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Rachel Newton (she/her) MTC, CBCC, MQT - Founder and Integrative Career Coach

I did my own career pivot 13+ years ago from tech into meaningful work now as an Integrative Career Coach. I founded Life Career Studio in 2011 to Work My Dream and focus on supporting seasoned tech executives to uplevel their careers and/or facilitate career transitions. I've worked with 100's of executives and created my ENTRADA Method to release career anxiety and dread, to pursue meaningful careers and discover what can bring true fulfilment. My clients are ready to achieve their full potential and we unlock their superpowers together. I am a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (#1051), Certified Body Centred Coach, Certified Practitioner of Coherence Therapy, I am a Medical Qigong Therapist and a Masters Level Medical Qigong and Shamanic Chinese Medicine graduate, and a Master Level Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach.


Michelle Stuart (she/her) - ENTRADA Associate Coach

I am a Master Level Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach and Hypnotherapist, as well as a Mentor and Spiritual Empowerment Guide and Reiki Practitioner. I was excited to join Life Career Studio in November 2022. I am also Manager at Wasan Island - a beautiful retreat space in Ontario, Canada. I have had the honour to work with amazing initiatives such as The Leadership Institute for Black Women, and have had the pleasure of working with some big names in Coaching like Danielle Leslie (the millionaire maker). I sit on the board of Directors at Birthmark Doula Support – and holds the seat of Director of Equity Diversity and Inclusion. I was born and raised in Southern Africa (Zimbabwe and Botswana specifically) and as a natural trailblazer, was the first in my family to immigrate to Canada back in 2001.

Yashin Lapay (she/her) - Operations Assistant

Everyone calls me, Yash! I adore discovering and learning new things! As a result, I eventually changed careers from the customer service industry (hotel & airport) to digital marketing in order to keep up with technological advancements throughout the world. I'm Life Career Studio's newest member (since Dec 2022) and I specialize in system support, administration, and content management.

Rosa Medina (she/her) - Marketing Consultant

I met Rachel in 2021 and we have been supporting each other during this time. I love working with her as one of the companies I support preparing for exponential growth. Marketing automation for websites and online course platforms is my superpower and passion! I specialize in taking the terror and tedium out of tech for my clients.

Paul Newton (he/him) - Operations Director

I could tell you that I’ve had 15 years of strategic thought leadership experience but what does that really mean? It could mean that I have worked at small tech start-ups to colossal software gaming companies and have had invaluable adventures along the way. That I have learned as much from my failures as my successes. I could tell you that I have stood teams up across nine geographical locations and three continents. With a deep sense of business perspicacity, moving people into action and adapting to an evolving landscape I have contributed to the extraordinary growth of the companies I partner with.