February, 21st 2021

Celebrate Love in February!

Join my experiential online workshop via Zoom to:

Create your own Heart Ritual!

This month is a season of Love. 

 Discover, discuss and share what your heart will reveal in the safety of a group facilitated by 
Rachel Newton – Integrative Career Counsellor and Coach. 

This interactive workshop will include meditation and guidance and qigong to reflect and write on aspects of how you nurture love to yourself, others, and life.

We will co-create your personal Heart Ritual in this sacred space. 

Sunday, February 21 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm PST

CAD$21.00 + GST*

Prepare for an intentional 2021 in the safety of a group
facilitated by
Rachel Newton – Integrative Career Counsellor and Coach.
This interactive workshop will include meditation,
and guidance to reflect on 2020.
Discover, discuss, share, and write your 2021 intentions.ler

Please select February 21st, 3:00pm time slot to register for this event.

If you prefer to pay via eTransfer, please email directly to book.

For more information by email:  or by phone: +1-604-762-6756

Limited spaces available.

Additional Information

Guidelines for the workshop:

– As this online interactive workshop is on Zoom, your participation via video and audio will be required to create a sense of safety and mutual respect for everyone as we connect in this virtual space.

– We will start with a brief group check-in to build trust and rapport. Suggestion to share your first name, why you are attending and what you hope to receive from our time together.

– The workshop will also be recorded in the main room for the practices I will be guiding, but the breakout rooms will not be recorded.

– An edited version of the workshop (removing participant feedback for confidentiality) will be made available later in 2021 after the event to participants.

Here are some suggestions to consider if you are new to video conferencing:

1. You will need to turn on your video and audio to join the call.
2. Please mute when you are not speaking to keep audio feedback to a minimum (the facilitators will also mute you if you forget).
3. If you would like to acknowledge someone speaking, you are welcome to nod, shake your head, give a thumbs up (or maybe down), wave or other gesture – ideally respectful :-D.
4. Depending on the number of participants, we will experiment with having each person un-mute themselves to speak.
5. You are welcome to use the chat feature to share info as necessary, but please use it sparingly as it can be distracting.
6. Please find a quiet place with minimal distractions to Zoom from if possible.
7. Using headphones can also be helpful to minimize ambient sounds and noise.

 *If you are new to Zoom and would like help to set it up to join this workshop, please email me directly no later than Friday February 19th so I can send you information and assist if necessary.