What is your definition of Ambition? It is very personal and unique for each person. Ambition is related to a number of elements including personal priorities, values, goals, skills, aptitude, and personality. While the concept of ambition could bring up positive or negative connotations for different individuals, ambition is necessary as it is the motivation that we need to help us achieve our career goals. Without ambition, career and life obstacles that are a significant part of career development would seem insurmountable. Indeed, for some, such obstacles may still seem overwhelming despite feeling ambitious.

In exploring what motivates you to achieve your career goals, you may be confronted with aspects of your personality that you perhaps had not considered relevant to your career development. Some people are fortunate to be able to uncover these elements of their personality on their own. For many people, it can be challenging to address the topic of career ambition, as it requires self-contemplation in order to be determining one’s true, personal definition of ambition. What do you see on the horizon regarding your sense of ambition?

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