New Year’s is an ideal time to seriously ask yourself if you’re really satisfied with your current career path. If not, it might be time to re-evaluate your career goals and find something that you’re truly passionate about!

If you are serious about rebooting your career here are some questions to ponder.

Do you want to take control and pursue something that is aligned with your values?
Do you need to identify your career goals or help to steer you on the proper path?
Do you have a firm grasp of the direction you want to go but need confirmation or help with direction to get you there?
Do you need assistance creating a career and/or job search strategy?
Do you want to find work where you can feel comfortable to be yourself?
Do you have a concrete plan to get your dream job?
Life Career Studio can help you answer all these questions.Life Career Studio has a vast experience and a toolkit of techniques to help you achieve your career goals. We recognize that career and life themes are enmeshed and have a significant impact on each other. We are passionate about supporting you through change and transition including addressing both emotional and practical needs during such challenging times. Our work with clients is customized according to individual needs and work with you at their own pace, balanced with focus and structure.

Life Career Studio is dedicated to helping people locally in Metro Vancouver, in other cities and countries in person, via video or phone consult searching for meaning and answers to their career and life transition questions.

“Working with Rachel has given me the confidence to make decisions about my life and career. I was not sure what to expect when we met, but she made it easy to express myself. She helped with many aspects of my personal development and relationships with others at work and at home. Her professionalism, personable attitude and candour is much appreciated. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking to improve their lives personally and professionally.” – KL, Vancouver, BC –

“Through her highly skilled counselling, Rachel has enabled me to realize my professional potential and allow my career goals to be realized. Her expert guidance and sound ability to communicate the correct message were key aspects of my sessions with her. She helped to piece together my puzzle with her genuine ability to listen and offer specialized advice when it was necessary.” – LR, Vancouver –

Achieving your career goal doesn’t have to be a long journey.

For questions about career and/or personal counselling services, regarding fees or to book an appointment at Life Career Studio, contact Rachel Newton, MTC via email, Linkedin or the form below:

rachel [at] lifecareerstudio [dot] com
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