Career counselling and/or coaching is a process in which you work with a qualified career professional to help with various aspects of your career where you may be having problems or difficulty. The problems or difficulty will likely be affecting personal and career aspects in your life. Everyone has different reasons for seeing a career professional, but some common themes include (but are not limited to):
  • being at a crossroads in your career, and needing to make a significant decision about what to do next
  • determining your career direction when you have a generalist background or an eclectic range of skills
  • returning to work after an extended absence such as parental leave, prolonged illness or travel
  • being unhappy at work and seeking job satisfaction including a role that allows you to feel personally fulfilled
  • improving interpersonal and communication skills to assist with better interactions with peers at work
  • to help manage stress and improve efficiencies and performance in your career
  • assistance with job search techniques such as resume writing, interview skills and where to look for work
  • for students, choosing subjects to study that will focus on a career direction
  • support to transition to a new career or life stage such as retirement
The career professional will likely work with you using a process of tools, techniques and assessments to help address your career issue. Trust and rapport with the counsellor/coach you choose is very important as the process can also touch on personal themes that are often enmeshed with vocational areas. At Life Career Studio, when clients are faced with the challenge of making a career decision, support will be offered to facilitate, and collaboratively assist you in finding a direction that best fits your lifestyle and values. Learn more about the techniques that we will use to help you explore and/or find answers to questions about your career, and start improving and enhancing your career outlook. Contact us today for a complimentary 5 to 15 minute phone consultation. There is no obligation to book an appointment, and we can determine if our services can be of benefit to you.