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Limiting Beliefs in Your Life and Career

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs are repeating patterns of behaviour that you know are not supporting you to realize your potential or keep you from what you feel you really want, but you can only stand by helplessly and watch the pattern appear again and again.

They can cause us to feel stuck, and make life complicated, challenging and stressful. For some of you, this may affect personal and/or professional relationships, feeling self-doubt or lost and uncertain about next steps in your life or career. Another way I offer to clients about this concept is “getting in the way of yourself”. What are you doing that seems to feel like a repeating pattern that keeps you stuck and/or feeling lost regarding your life and career?

The result is staying mired in a life/career you do not want. To me, this feels like different parts of me compete for attention and on any given day or moment by moment, it can change so quickly, but the end result is that I am not moving forward to create the life and move toward the positive outcome I desire.

Hitting a Brick Wall

It can feel like you have hit a brick wall or are trapped. It is not enough to become aware of Limiting Beliefs, but that is certainly a step in the right direction. The hard work is proactively deciding to create positive change, but there are seemingly invisible forces that can make it feel like you cannot change, or you do not have any choice.

These are Limiting Beliefs as they keep you from what on the one hand you say you want, but for some mysterious and usually hidden reason, we stay stuck in a story that is no longer serving us. We feel we should know better but cannot seem to make the shift we desire.

Uncovering Limiting Beliefs

Ideally, in my work with clients, I help support you to uncover/identify and then shift these Limiting Beliefs by helping access and then understand the root cause of the belief that can feel so true and real. I support clients to shift to empowering beliefs that can help create a new perspective to support the momentum to move forward in all aspects personally and career-wise. From this place of clarity is where transformation occurs to write a new and exciting narrative for the vision and future you really do deserve.

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